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Woolf + Wallace is an out-of-office, ‘internal’ events and activation department that stretches from Montreal to Victoria. We work as an extension of our clients’ teams to create value in the spaces they need using research and consumer insights as the foundation, and creativity and innovation as the icing. Our ability to connect people, places, and things is the cherry on top.

Our name is an homage to the world’s greatest (and most influential) women*: Virginia Woolf and a humble grandmother who lives in Sundre, Alberta. Both we’re catalysts to major change in the world around them. Everything we do is in pursuit of living in their legacy and making them proud.

+ Virgina Woolf

Virginia Woolf was an English novelist and essayist regarded as one of the foremost modernist literary figures of the twentieth century. As a child, she was known for her curious, light hearted, playful, and bold disposition.

During the interwar period, Woolf was a significant figure in London literary society and a member of the Bloomsbury Group. In 1925, she received rave reviews for Mrs. Dalloway, her fourth novel. The mesmerizing story interweaved interior monologues and raised issues of feminism, mental illness, and homosexuality in post-World War I England.

Her 1928 novel, To the Lighthouse, was another critical success and considered revolutionary for its stream of consciousness storytelling. In 1929, Woolf published A Room of One's Own, a feminist essay based on lectures she had given at women's colleges, in which she examines women's role in literature. In the work, she sets forth the idea that “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

Throughout her career, Woolf spoke regularly at colleges and universities, penned dramatic letters, wrote moving essays, and self-published a long list of short stories. By her mid-forties, she had established herself as an intellectual, an innovative and influential writer, and pioneering feminist. Her ability to balance dream-like scenes with deeply tense plot lines earned her incredible respect from peers and the public alike.

Woolf remains one of the most influential authors of the 21st century.

+ Heather Wallace

Heather Wallace is a cherished, welsh-born matriarch, home chef, storyteller, confidante, cheerleader, and grandmother to 7 forever-grateful grandchildren. She is best known for her ability to make people believe in themselves and her infamous assertions, “you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar,” and “don’t let your past decide your future.”

Following World War II, Wallace’s parents moved Heather and her brother, Malcolm, to Canada, where they settled in Simcoe, Ontario. In the small Southwestern Ontario town, Heather met David in Sunday school — he would later become her husband during a chance encounter at a highschool reunion.

In 2007, Heather took in her eldest granddaughter, a highschool senior, following a tumultuous home life. Wallace created a safe place to land; teaching her granddaughter that she had a choice in her future and that she could be whoever she wanted to be — as long as she worked hard for it. In the following years, Wallace would take in 3 more of her grandchildren when there wasn’t much room left for them anywhere else in the world. She taught them to find success through failure and love through forgiveness. She instilled kindness, dedication, and compassion in each of them.

The children went on to be the first members of their family to graduate from university. They, however, credit each fibre of their success to having a fierce and selfless role model.

Wallace remains one of the most influential women of 21st century.