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Pronvice-Wide Brand Loyalty Rollout

A Mid-Campaign Update

Heather Jenken + Kyla Payette
October 2, 2019

And just like that, the snow is flying in Calgary! The team at WOOLF + WALLACE has been busy working with a long-time client on a new project, Winner’s Edge! We wanted to take this opportunity to give you a mid-campaign update on what we have been up too. 

Winner’s Edge is a new province-wide casino loyalty program. Casino players now have the chance to be a member of a single loyalty program that is offered at all 28 casinos across Alberta. Winner’s Edge is a free loyalty program where players are able to earn points based on money that is wagered when they are playing in the slot machines and electronic table games. Players are then able to use the points they have earned towards free play, they can use the points to enter member-only contests, and by showing their membership card in the restaurant they can receive 10% off certain food and beverage items. Winner’s Edge is the first program in Canada to incorporate GameSense tools to give players access to their win-loss statements and the ability to utilize time and finance limits for their gaming practices. 

The team at WOOLF + WALLACE has a variety of roles within the Winner’s Edge rollout. On the front-end of the activation, we are responsible to provide friendly, educated, and knowledgeable brand ambassadors who interact with casino players while promoting the Winner’s Edge program. The brand ambassadors play a key role in the Winner’s Edge rollout as they are responsible for clearly communicating the program and inviting players to sign up. On the back end, WOOLF + WALLACE uses research and consumer insights to analyze the success of the rollout. We rely on key performance indicators and weekly goals to track the progress of the program. 

To prepare for the experience with Winner’s Edge, WOOLF + WALLACE hand selected a team of brand ambassadors who are experienced in events and communications. We worked with the client to develop a comprehensive training plan for the brand ambassadors. The training ensured the brand ambassadors were equipped with the necessary tools to successfully roll-out the program. There was plenty of fun to be had at training during the role-playing scenarios!

The best part of the campaign for WOOLF + WALLACE staff is communicating and building relationships with the casino players! At WOOLF + WALLACE, people are at the center of all that we do and we like it that way. We’ve enjoyed having the knowledge and ability to transform players perceptions of each casino into a positive experience. We value creating an uplifting atmosphere and elevating each players gaming experience through the promotion of the Winner’s Edge program. 

Our favourite aspect of the Winner’s Edge program is the Spin-to-Win, a chance to win up to $500.00 in free play, when players first sign up! However, we truly enjoy educating and providing players with a program that rewards their time and money. The card provides players with benefits beyond gaming and we love that!