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What, Why, and How: The Importance of Brand Ambassadors in your Experiential Marketing Strategy

Getting the right people to represent your brand

Kyla Payette
September 11, 2019

The Importance of Brand Ambassadors: What, Why, and How 

Amidst the continuing trend and popularity of experiential marketing in the last 5 years, you might have asked yourself: what exactly is a brand ambassador and why are they so important within XM? Before we dive in, let’s become familiar with a few terms used to describe brand ambassadors such as a street team, engagement team, event staff, or brand advocate. These terms are used interchangeably to label what we at WOOLF + WALLACE refer to as brand ambassadors. Now, let’s get started as we explain the what, why, and how of brand ambassadors!

What is a brand ambassador?

There’s a long and short to this, but here’s the short: brand ambassadors are hired to represent a brand. We train our team rigorously on the product or service before interacting with potential customers. Our team knows the drill (in fact, almost all of our staff has been with us for over 4 years!): no one steps on-site until they’ve undergone a minimum 1-hour training session with our management team and the client... And they must complete and receive 100% on a product and brand knowledge test. Professional and well-trained brand ambassadors and event staff are paramount in curating a vivacious and engaging environment at any consumer-facing event. In today’s experience economy (as Joseph Pine would say), brand ambassadors are key in creating sound rapport with potential customers by leveraging key messaging and product knowledge with credibility that transcends traditional marketing efforts in 2019’s cluttered media landscape. 

Take the picture above with Calyca, a W+W team member and seasoned BA vetran, in action. In this particular activation, Calyca used our client’s narrative and her environment (a c-can turned activation space designed and created by WOOLF + WALLACE using behavioural and participatory concepts) to educate the consumer on the client’s brand and initiative.

Why you need professional brand ambassadors? 

Today’s consumers are more conscious than ever. Studies show that brands need to provide personalized experiences to surpass traditional strategies that have been rendered obsolete. Professional brand ambassadors are vital in experiential marketing as they offer a personalized, one-on-one experience. When we consider the basic consumption process and its correlation to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs: humans, fundamentally, will search to fulfill a need for social connection… Queue a well-designed activation environment coupled with an engaging and well-trained brand ambassador.

Experiential marketing uses brand ambassadors to combat the cluttered world of marketing and advertising. The most successful activations use brand ambassadors and installations that meet customers in the places they already live, work, and play. They also offer a personalized experience that would not otherwise be available. This is great for a brand’s reputation as the customer is placed into an environment free from distractions and is focused on the brand, it’s product offerings, and the ambassador. In other words, brand ambassadors create a fully immersive, compelling environment that is recognizable and memorable for to turn a consumer into a customer. Brand ambassadors use their training, education, and personalities to create positive, feel-good emotions between a brand its audience! 

How are brand ambassadors selected and trained? 

By now, you might have a few questions including how brand ambassadors are selected, trained to be qualified to truly represent your brand at the same level as your internal team. WOOLF + WALLACE’s team is hand-selected based on their knowledge, willingness to learn, professionalism, and ability to forge relationships. Brand ambassadors are not hired as “promo models” or “promo staff.” Most of our team — from all corners of Canada — have been part of the PACK for over four years. We pride ourselves on having the best brand ambassadors around and even our clients have form long-term bonds with the team! 

Our team is composed of smart, driven, fun individuals from all backgrounds who are willing to put their best foot forward and understand the importance of every project they work on. We implement tailored training plans for our brand ambassadors based on the project and desired outcomes. It is important that our ambassadors are knowledgeable, understand the brand, and are provided with information to accurately represent and educate potential customers of a brands products and services. 

Our team is at the center of everything we do.  Brand ambassadors are the link between the consumer and the product to forge meaningful, lasting connections. Ambassadors are the future of marketing as they offer an alternative way to experience a brand! 

Looking to put your best foot forward and connect with your customers via experiential marketing and the best team of brand ambassadors around? Let’s chat!