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Why It Works: All the Ways Experiential Marketing Works for Your Brand

Kyla Payette
June 5, 2019

Are you a brand, big or small, looking to increase loyalty relative to your products or services? Are you seeking a marketing campaign that is fun, memorable, and backed by results? If so, experiential marketing is the answer as it is proven to increase customer loyalty and retention. Experiential marketing, otherwise referred to as XM, leverages positive experiences creating memorable and lasting emotional connections between a brand and its consumers. XM provides measurable results and has been used by companies, big and small, to increase brand awareness and sales. If you aren’t already convinced, continue reading as we outline the top 5 reasons as to why XM will work for your company!

Experiential marketing can be used to strengthen your brand and offers the following:

  1. Provides consumers with a new way to experience a brand.

XM engages consumers through experiences which create stronger bonds between people and products. A consumer’s positive connection towards a brand is fundamental in creating and maintaining brand awareness. XM is more than event-based initiatives and can be demonstrated in many forms, most of which you’ve been exposed to. Take for example, McDonald’s tactic of painting French fries in place of a traditional street crossing. As you can see, this type of marketing is able to grab attention, create curiosity, and generate a buzz!

These types of campaigns are fun and get people talking which creates word-of-mouth marketing for your company. XM is more than a street team, sampling event, or advertisement. At Woolf + Wallace, we use creativity to think outside of the box, creating a buzz for your brand.

2. Creates lasting connections with consumers.

Establishing deep emotional connections between consumers and a brand creates an unbreakable bond. XM is built on the rationale that people will only purchase from a brand in which they feel an emotional, personal connection towards.  Today’s digital world allows consumers to scroll or fast-forward through basic marketing and ads commonly seen through social media and on TV. XM pushes past the clutter as it meets consumers where they are and immerses them in a memorable experience.

3. Consumers gain a better understanding of your product.

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XM allows for direct engagement between the consumer and a product or service. People can directly interact and participate with the product, thereby, immersing them in the entire experience. In doing so, consumers can form a better understanding of the product which is not possible through simple online experiences. Samsung is a great example of this, as they leverage XM to market their virtual reality devices.

Without this interactive and fully immersive experience, people would not fully understand the hype behind virtual reality. Further, in-person product demonstrations educate potential customers, showcase features, and build trust within your products and services!

4.Creates an increased sense of consumer loyalty.
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty! By this point, you’ve heard this word used plenty of times. That must mean it’s important and well… it is! When a customer is loyal to your brand, it means they aren’t easily swayed by price or availability of competitors. XM creates loyalty by generating positive feelings towards a brand and establishes the person-product bond we’ve been talking about. It is proven, that brands who engage face-to-face are better able to build solid relationships and trust with consumers. Whether you’re looking to maintain or get your brand off the ground, experiential marketing is for you!

5. Data collection takes place in the moment.

Don’t be fooled by the fun and memorable experience XM has to offer, it is backed by data-driven results. With XM campaigns, consumers are more willing to exchange personal information in return for the price to attend an event or function. At Woolf + Wallace, we rely on key performance indicators, data collection, and research to analyze consumer behaviour. We work with companies to ensure our campaigns are effective and create lasting results.

By now, it’s no surprise that XM is more than a fun event. XM can help your brand grow and is backed by results. At Woolf + Wallace, we understand you’re busy, leave the creativity and logistics with us and brace yourself for the end result, we’re sure you’ll love XM!